The interviews are conducted by VB Contemporary's director, Vian Borchert. Besides being a multidisciplinary noted international artist. Borchert has been a writer and art critic for over a decade contributing with art articles in a national online newspaper. Borchert gets called upon to cover and write reviews for major retrospectives and exhibitions in world-class American museums.

Photo of artist TamHuy
About the artist: TamHuy is a contemporary artist who is recognized for his unique style of gestural painting. TamHuy, who is originally from Hanoi, Vietnam moved to Paris in 2012 where he currently resides. In Paris, he attended L'École de beaux-arts de Versailles. TamHuy employs a musically poetic approach to his paintings, creating lightness and a sense of infinity that speaks to the universal and the timeless. Moreover, TamHuy meditates and sings peaceful Buddhist songs called mantras that help him let go of the ego and create freely. He states that his art is a way to navigate towards inner search for a better version of himself.
Tell us about your "Beginnings", how did you start your artist journey? How did your childhood influence your creative career path? And, how is your beginnings / childhood "Reflective" within your work? My artistic journey began in childhood, although I had no formal understanding of art. I was always drawn to the beauty of nature, colors, and life around me. I believe that the beauty in nature possesses a magical power to uplift and inspire individuals, reminding us of the essence of human existence. Growing up in Hanoi, Vietnam, I come from a family with no artistic background. After the war, Vietnam was still a developing country, and the prevailing mentality focused on material development and financial gain. Pursuing a career in the arts was not considered a realistic or practical choice. However, after moving to Europe for my studies, I gradually realized my genuine passion for art. As a dreamer, I found solace and inspiration in artistic expression.
Image of artwork Self Reflection
Walk us through your day from morning till evening along with your creative process? What does a day for "TamHuy" look like? Where do you find inspiration in the area by which you reside? And, how is your surroundings "Reflective" in your work? I begin my day with meditation to clear my mind and spark creative ideas. I enjoy strolling in nearby parks or gardens to find inspiration. When I paint, I seek a deep inner drive. I reflect on what truly matters to me, drawing inspiration from various sources like books, music, or memories. Nature often influences my paintings; its sacred and mysterious qualities fascinate me, providing endless inspiration. I prefer working in the morning when my energy is high. I use a timer to maintain focus for a few hours, then take a break to walk or play guitar. Additionally, I find visiting museums and exhibitions enriching, as I learn and draw inspiration from others' work.
As an artist, what have been some of the biggest challenges you've faced in your career? And, what have been your best achievements for you personally and professionally? Who are your favorite artists and why do you find their art amusing? In my opinion, the most significant challenge is to secure a suitable gallery that can support the development and professional presentation of my artwork. Last year, I successfully sold six paintings to a collector, which was a gratifying experience and a validation of my artistic endeavors. My main artistic influences include William Turner, Claude Monet, and Joan Mitchell. I find inspiration in their shared connection to nature, as their paintings masterfully capture movement, lighting, and the transformative qualities of color.
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