Photo of Artist
Hermann Lederle

About the Artist:
Hermann Lederle is a German artist residing and working in Los Angeles. The artist is known for his "Pixels" painting, and more recently for his series “Adaptation". His works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the world, and his artistic production is particularly unique and recognizable. Although initially the impression is abstract, Lederle's art features geometric elements that compose, as a whole, figurative elements. Lederle’s work represents the interaction between film and art. Lederle's work suggests a kind of Cubism for the digital age. Hermann Lederle's work has been widely exhibited in NY, LA, San Francisco, Germany, and France in galleries such as: Media Rare Gallery Los Angeles, Court Gallery New York, Lawson Galleries San Francisco, Friedman Guinness Gallery in Heidelberg, and in private collections of Ringo Starr and Eric Stolz.